Nadine from Girls AloudGirls Aloud manager Louis Walsh has admitted that he worried about Nadine’s recent weight loss.

He told Heat magazine: “I have spoken to her about her weight once or twice. All the girls are small but she is the thinnest, so she is the one to worry about the most. There is no doubt her legs are tiny.

“Nadine has spoken to me about her weight but she tells me that’s just the way she is. She’s really happy with the way she looks right now and doesn’t see a problem.

“But she is thin and she is very careful with what she eats. Of course I worry about her and I have spoken to her as I thought she looked very skinny, but she says she’s fine.

“In pictures, she looks much smaller than she used to but isn’t that the way girls want to look now. Her legs are particularly thin, but, to be honest, she doesn’t really see what all the fuss is about.”