Jack OsbourneThey say TV makes people overweight - but not Jack Osbourne. Ok, so he was making a TV show rather than sitting at home with a family-pack of Doritos but still: he’s lost five stone while filming his new show “Jack Osbourne Adrenaline Junkie“.

He’s given up the drugs and alcohol that landed him in rehap last year and has cut out cigarettes and junk food too. He’s also taken up a gruelling fitness regime including rock climbing.

“People don’t recognise me any more. I’ve been able to lead a normal life for the first time in years,” he told The Mirror.

“I went to an award ceremony and stood on the red carpet waiting for the photographers to take my picture. They didn’t recognise me and snapped Peter Andre instead. But I’m much cooler than him.”

Even parents Ozzy and Sharon couldn’t believe their eyes.

“It was a real shock to them,” he says. “I hadn’t seen my mum for a couple of months. She was so excited and happy for me because she used to have a weight problem herself.”