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Heath Ledger: having a family blows me away

Heath Ledger and Michelle WilliamsHeath Ledger might have scored numerous awards and an Academy Award nomination for his role in Brokeback Mountain but he says it’s nothing compared to being a dad.

Heath took a year off from his career to spend with his year old baby daughter Matilda and his fiancee Michelle Williams.

He told The Times: “I’m incredibly grateful to be a successful actor, and it kind of blows me away sometimes.”

“But it’s actually less about waking up and thinking and how lucky I am to have this family, right now.”

“That, for me, blows my mind. A billion times more than anything else. It’s like, everything else? Who gives a f***?”

Nicole Appleton: I will marry Liam Gallagher at some point

Nicole Appleton and Liam GallagherAll Saints’ Nicole Appleton has revealed that she will marry partner Liam Gallagher at some point but they’re not rushing into it because they already consider themselves to be a “unit”, along with their five year old son, Gene.

When asked about whether they would marry, Nicole told the Sun: “Absolutely yes, we will get married. Of course we will.”

“Things are so great between us that it will just happen when it does. We haven’t planned anything and we are really, really happy — the happiest we’ve ever been together.”

“There’s no pressure from our parents to get married but when we go to friends’ weddings, I think, ‘I want to do this.’”

“We’re pretty much married anyway and I call him my husband sometimes. We come as a unit — where he goes, our son Gene and I go. Having children together is a bigger commitment than getting married - but we will do it.”

“My parents love Liam, they think he’s so lovely.”

Kirsten Dunst: actors needs lives outside of films

Kirsten Dunst has revealed that she’s not keen on making films back to back like some actors because she needs time in the real world in order to inspire her next performance.

Kirsten, who is planning on taking a study break from Hollywood, said recently: “If you go from one movie to the next, then where is there to draw from - your last experience on a set?”

“You need to be at home with your friends and cultivate a life so that when you go to work, you feel like a solid person.”

“I need to find other things in my life that I love besides acting. Like painting, for instance.”

Nicole Richie in nightclub collapse rumour

Just days after announcing she was seeking medical help for her (lack of) weight problem, Nicole Richie is rumoured to have collapsed in a Hollywood nightclub.

Fellow clubgoing sources told TMZ that Nicole passed out and fell to the floor in the celebrity-favourite Hyde nightclub around 2am on Sunday morning. An employee approached Nicole and her friends and said he would call an ambulance but the friends said they would take Nicole to the hospital themselves. The unnamed friends then carried Nicole out of the club through the back door.

Nicole’s spokesperson confirmed that Nicole went to Hyde for a short time on Saturday night but denied the collapse reports.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise plan wedding at Mussolini’s WW2 base?

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have reportedly decided to marry at Italian dictator Benito Mussolini’s World War II base near Lake Garda in the north of Italy.

Katie visited a variety of wedding venues during her trip to the country earlier this month with Victoria Beckham but according to the Daily Express, she fell for the lakeseide Villa Feltinelli hotel.

An inside source told the newspaper: “Katie recently visited with Victoria and fell in love with it. It’s ideal for her and Tom as it’s hidden away by dense greenery on the landward side, while the view on the opposite side overlooking the lake is stunning.”

“Katie and Victoria were made aware that Mussolini used it as a base during the war, but seemed more interested that the glamorous likes of Grace Kelly and Isadora Duncan had stayed there.”

Giorgio Armani’s villa has also been rumoured to be a possible location for the nuptials, given he is already involved in the ceremony, designing the wedding outfits for the couple.

Tom and Katie’s spokesperson previously confirmed that the two are set to marry on 18th November in Italy but refused to be more specific about the location.

Whitney Houston stuns gala goers with glamorous new look

Whitney HoustonFiling for divorce seems to suit Whitney Houston: she stunned onlookers with her glamorous appearance at a charity ball at the weekend, in sharp contrast to her haggard appearance at the start of the year.

Whitney, who filed for divorce from husband Bobby Brown earlier this month after separating last month, is believed to have been through rehab twice since then to beat rumoured addictions to crack cocaine.

An onlooker at the Beverly Hills’ event, the 17th Carousel of Hope Ball, said: “Whitney looked really great. No one could take their eyes off her. It was impossible to imagine this was the same woman photographed at such a low ebb earlier this year.”

Another fellow partygoer added: “She was stunning. What a difference a year can make.”

Whitney is thought to be recording a comeback album for release early next year. It will be her first new release since her ‘Just Whitney’ album in 2002.