Michael BarrymoreMichael Barrymore is glad Jodie Marsh was voted out of the Celebrity Big Brother house so quickly as he was sick of her bad mouthing Jordan - and himself. In an interview with The Sun, Barrymore has revealed the extent of her badmouthing:

“She was the first to have a dig at me over the Stuart Lubbock situation,” he said. “What annoyed me was that she alluded to it, then bottled it, refusing to come straight out with it and give me the right to reply.”

“She has a pathological hatred of Jordan, she is obsessive about her. The things she said about Jordan continuously were absolutely vile, just pure vulgarity, disgusting. Viewers never heard them because they were so bad they had to be edited out.”

“That made it a bit unfair on me because people watching saw me have a rant at her but didn’t know what had provoked it.”

“She just wouldn’t leave Jordan alone and I told her this game, showbusiness, is hard enough without slagging each other off.”

“The row where I made her cry came after one particularly nasty attack on Jordan. It was vulgar and crude, just pure bile.”

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