Preston and Camille AznarChantelle Houghton might have come clean and said sorry, but that’s not helped Camille Aznar’s heartache at losing her fiancée Preston to his Celebrity Big Brother housemate (… who is pictured here with his sister…).

“I could see Chantelle was flirting with Preston… maybe I was naive, but I decided to trust him,” she has revealed to Grazia magazine.

“We got engaged but the pressure on us was so tough we decided to call it off… we could never go back to how we were.”

“It has been very difficult going through a break-up and seeing your boyfriend with another woman. I’ve had to take compassionate leave from my job because of the stress.”

But Camille is sensibly not blaming Chantelle: “I don’t hold anger towards Chantelle. I’m not a victim.”

“[But] I’m not sure Preston realises what it’s been like for me.”

If we were Preston, we’d steer clear - that sounds like a repressing anger statement to us…