Heath LedgerHeath Ledger has admitted he thought he was rubbish in his first acting role.

He got his big break when he was 17 on an Australian television series called Sweat. But watching himself on TV was a painful experience.

“I was crap,” he admitted in an interview with the Observer. “I remember burying my face in my hands, thinking, ‘This is the end, it hasn’t even begun’.”

Even his mum wouldn’t sugar-coat it for him: “No one else around you, except your mum, is going to tell you that you suck. She straight-up told me, ‘There are other things to do in life’.”

But he thinks it was an important realisation to have. “I think that’s the problem with a lot of actors in the industry. We all just think we’re brilliant, you know? And 98 per cent of us are crap. And we’ve got to realise that before we can improve.”