Denise Richards and Richie SamboraIf there is anything to end a friendship between two women, it’s when one of them goes off with the other’s husband - even if they are separated at the time.

Denise Richards and Heather Locklear are reportedly no longer on speaking terms after Denise revealed her love for Locklear’s husband, Richie Sambora.

In Touch magazine is reporting that while Denise apparently had the decency to tell Heather about it before they went public over their romance, Denise was the one that pushed for Heather and Richie to separate in the first place.

“She was the one who told Heather to file for divorce,” a close source told the magazine.

Denise and Heather met in 2001 when Denise guest-starred on Spin City with Heather and her then-own husband Charlie Sheen. The two became close friends and live near each other in Westlake Village, outside Los Angeles.