Pete Doherty injecting female fanPete Doherty was apparently taking a blood sample rather than injecting heroin into the prone female fan in the recently published pictures. The fan, Laura McEvoy, also insists she was fully conscious when the pictures were taken.

Pete apparently wanted McEvoy’s blood to use in a piece of art.

A source has revealed: “First, he said he was joking around and was planning to spurt blood around to create a mess for the picture.”

“Then he made out that he was taking a syringe of blood to keep for future use.”

“He likes to make paintings with his own blood and he was going to use Laura’s for one of these blood paintings.”

Pete himself is outraged by the suggestion that he was injecting heroin into a unconscious person: “It’s a staged shot and what a f***ing liberty to suggest I’d bang up a sleeping lass,” he said, according to the Sun.