Kelly OsbourneIt might have made her into a star but taking part in The Osbournes wasn’t all a great experience for Kelly Osbourne.

Kelly was 17 when filming started for the show: “I was so young and naive when the show started. Then I lost my innocence, got my heart broken and became so depressed I had to hit rock bottom to find myself again.”

Since then, not only has she aged by four years, she has had rehabilitation treatment for her problems with alcohol and drugs, and so gets annoyed when people still think she is the tantrum-throwing teen depicted on the series.

“People saw me as a whining little s**t,” she said recently. “And yes, I can be whining sometimes and yes, I have a big mouth, but I’m also a nice person.”

“Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion but I just wish people would be fair when they criticise me.”