Hugh Grant and Jemima KhanJemima Khan is apparently on the verge of dumping Hugh Grant because he doesn’t want to settle down yet.

A close source told the News of the World: “It’s very sad… This really looks as if it could be the end.”

“Jemima’s had enough of Hugh not committing. She can only put up with so much. She still loves him but he’s just like the ageing bachelor character he played in About A Boy.”

“Her patience is running out. He is mad to treat a stunning, wonderful woman this way.”

“He doesn’t know how lucky he is. They’ve been having huge rows and Hugh doesn’t have a clue he’s pushing her away. This has been a long-running problem. Usually they’ll kiss and make up but this time it’s different.”

“Now she and Hugh are going to have to decide if they have a future. We just hope Hugh realises what he is about to lose.”

Jemima hit the headlines this week when she enjoyed a 60 second kiss with Kate Moss at a charity auction.