Jon Bon JoviJon Bon Jovi is glad that he did not become notorious for living the wild life or taking drugs like some of his contemporaries or the current crop of rock stars.

“Those people get a lot more attention. Like Pete Doherty. I hear he’s great. But I’ve never heard a Babyshambles song in my life .. I’d rather be doing what I’m doing.”

“I have a nice wine habit, but I was never into drugs. Why do I need something that’s going to grind my teeth all night and won’t let me get it on with a woman?”

Similarly, the singer hated it when people concentrated on his looks and the band’s image rather than their music.

“I hated [the focus on looks]. Hated it.”

“We’d written ‘Slippery When Wet’, and we were sitting there going, ‘Right on!’”

“We got three No 1 singles, this is the biggest-selling record in America. And we’re on the cover of the Rolling Stone!”

“And then the first thing a girl talks about is, ‘Your hair looks nice. Will you take your shirt off for me? Got any tattoos?’”