Brad Pitt and Angelina JolieIt sounds like Angelina Jolie doesn’t like Brad Pitt’s taste in furniture any more than his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston did.

Angelina has insisted that he gets rid of most of the designer furniture from their Malibu home, including Frank Lloyd Wright side chairs and a Rene Herbst desk - and anything he bought together with Jennifer.

A source has revealed: “Now they’re a family, Ange wants to make the home their own.”

“The pieces Brad collected with Jen were among the first to go. Then the child-unfriendly stuff was ditched - all the pointy corners and sharp edges.”

“Ange can’t stand all the modernist furnishings.”

Jennifer Aniston had previously expressed a dislike for the furniture too: “Brad and I used to joke that every item was either a museum piece or just uncomfortable. He had his style and I have mine and, sometimes, they clashed.”