Charlize TheronOscar-winner Charlize Theron has discovered the hard way that boyfriend Stuart Townsend is a bit of a stickler for time keeping.

The couple, who have been together for five years, were set to dine together at the Hungry Cat restaurant in Hollywood before a Radiohead gig last week but Charlize was 45 minutes late - and Stuart was not happy about it at all.

According to onlookers, he launched a tirade when she finally arrived. A witness reported: “Charlize sat teary eyed as Stuart acted like a schoolmaster, lecturing her in front of their friends - like she was a tardy student.”

“Charlize kept trying to apologise, but he wouldn’t let it go, calling her rude in front of their two guests.”

“Charlize was really embarrassed. She pleaded: ‘I’m so sorry I was late, and I’m sorry you had to wait. But I’m here now,’ before soothing him with kisses and caresses until he finally let up.”

“He eventually gave in and said: “I forgive you, but don’t let it happen again.”