Paris HiltonParis Hilton’s music producer Scott Storch isn’t any more of a fan of Lindsay Lohan than Paris herself.

Paris went to a Justin Timberlake concert in West Hollywood last week with sister Nicky, Brandon Davis and Storch and when they stopped for some snacks on the way home, they were overheard using the word “firecrotch” - Paris and Brandon’s nickname for Lindsay that became public when they were videoed mocking the actress recently.

According to TMZ, a nearby photographer heard the “firecrotch” reference and asked what they said, Storch replied: “we’re celebrating firecrotch day,” and pointing the the bright red interior of their car, he added: “we even have firecrotch interior for the occasion.”

When the photographer asked if the interior was done for “firecrotch”, Storch responded with: “Yes we did, in special honor of her freckled puss”, which apparently sent Paris into a fit of giggles.