Christina RicciDespite costarring and starring in an assortment of big films for the last 15 years, Christina Ricci has revealed she still has to audition for parts and has to alter her appearance to be considered for particular roles.

She told Premiere magazine: “I have to say that I still audition for movies. I don’t really have as much control over my career as others would like to pretend that I do.”

“I don’t think [commerical stardom]’s ever going to happen for me.”

She also revealed that her agent has to sell her versatility to get her roles but her looks and figure have not always worked to her advantage: “My agent will pull up a picture of me blond, fat, thin, whatever. I know that had I been thinner at the time when my indie movies were hitting, I could’ve been in a much better position in my career, but I kind of like where I am.”