Winona RyderWinona Ryder has revealed that she is still fighting depression and panic attacks, despite being therapy, medication and periods of hospitalisation.

She admitted recently: “You can’t pay enough money to cure that feeling of being broken and confused.”

But that’s not to say the treatment hasn’t helped her: “It’s not like every day’s been great ever since. You have good days and bad days, and depression’s something that, y’know, is always with you.”

Her illness has also made her take a different approach to her career and made her realise that a huge hit film could be more problematic than it first seemed: “I sort of made the decision to do something only if I absolutely love it. I can’t really base my happiness or anything around this business because it’s different now, the business part of it.”

Pretty Woman turned [Julia Roberts] into an overnight celebrity rather than an actress. Now her whole career is about box-office – whether her movies will break $100m. It’s not a burden I’d ever want to carry.”