Claudia SchifferClaudia Schiffer is to be warned to keep her dogs under control at her Suffolk home after the local police received complaints from members of the public using a footpath that runs adjacent to Claudia’s estate.

Claudia lives in a 16th century hall near Bury St Edmunds with husband Matthew Vaughn and their two dogs, believed to be an Irish wolfhound and a German shepherd.

But according to a spokesperson from Suffolk Police, they have received a number of complaints over the past year of the dogs “running wild”: “A public footpath runs alongside the grounds, where locals walk dogs. We first received a complaint in December that one of the dogs had bitten another dog.

“More recently a local parish council has received a number of complaints to say that dogs are still ‘running wild’.”

The spokesperson added that a member of the local force will meet with Claudia to hope to resolve the issue.