Michael Jackson on the cover of the Daily MirrorMichael Jackson was reportedly spotted wearing figure-hugging jeans, a woman’s blouse, high heels and a floppy hat in St Tropez yesterday - with his similarly clad eight year old daughter, Paris, in tow.

An onlooker told the Mirror: “I almost fell over in shock. He looked so feminine. It was as if he’s had a sex change. It was so bizarre.”

Another added: “He looked very, very odd.”

Michael is believed to be staying in the resort as a guest of his friend and benefactor Price Alwaleed, the nephew of King Fahd of Saudia Arabia.

It is the third time Michael has been spotted in feminine clothing this year: he wore an abaya during a trip to Bahrain in January and arrived in Ireland over the summer, wrapped in scarves and headscarves.

UPDATE: This has now been retracted by the original source of the photographs - it wasn’t Michael after all apparently.