Elton John has reportedly taken another troubled celebrity under his wing.

Elton has previously helped Robbie Williams and Donatella Versace beat drugs, Madonna & Guy Ritchie and Victoria & David Beckham with marriage troubles and provided a home for Liz Hurley after she gave birth to son Damian - and now he’s helping Keane frontman Tom Chaplin through rehab for drugs and alcohol addictions.

A source close to Tom told the Mirror: “Tom’s had so much support after going into rehab but he never expected it would come from someone like Sir Elton John.”

“At first he thought it was a wind up - why would Elton take the time out to contact him? Even though they met at Live 8 last year, they’re weren’t exactly close friends.”

“Tom was moved by the gesture and they’ve been in touch frequently. Elton knows exactly what Tom’s going through.”

“He believes he has a real talent and doesn’t want to see it all going to waste.”