Billie Piper has revealed that she often went a week without washing while married to ex-husband Chris Evans - because they were both too drunk to care about it.

Billie, now 24, married Chris when she was 18 and he was 34 and has previously spoken about how they spent a lot of their time drunk or experimenting with drugs but how their reclusion helped her deal with depression and anorexia caused by her teen modelling and singing career.

She told Jonathan Ross on his chat-show this week: “We were drunk quite a bit, would go a week without a shower - it feels good not having to worry about that kind of stuff.”

In response to Jonathan’s and the audience’s reaction, she added: “I can understand you’d think it was weird.”

She also said she would not rule out returning to Doctor Who amidst rumours that producers are exploring a big screen version of the show.