The man Anna Nicole Smith tried to convince was the father of her baby has revealed she begged him to let her name him on the birth certificate, even though there was no way he could be the father.

G. Ben Thompson has prepared a signed legal declaration, formally noting that while pregnant, Anna Nicole tried to convince him that he was the father of her then unborn child, only for him to respond by telling her he’d had a vasectomy.

Thompson reportedly goes on to claim that Anna Nicole repeatedly told him that Larry Birkhead was the father but then, after Dannielynn was born in September, Anna Nicole begged the property developer to put his name on the birth certificate as the father, even though they both knew that it wasn’t the case.

Anna Nicole’s former attorney Howard K Stern was named the father on the child’s birth certificate and Anna Nicole and Howard held a “spiritual wedding ceremony” a few days later. Larry Birkhead is arguing for DNA testing of the baby and is expected to fight for custody of the girl if he is confirmed to be the father.