Lindsay LohanRobbie Williams didn’t have a lot of success trying to crack the US music world and it now seems like he’s not having any more success trying to find a girlfriend there either.

Robbie was spotted at the celebrity favourite Hyde nightclub in Hollywood at the weekend and tried to make his mark on the clientele. An onlooker remarked “he seemed to be in a huge hurry and was hitting on every attractive girl in the vicinity,” before he spotted Hyde regular, Lindsay Lohan.

The onlooker continued: “Robbie was hanging around in the VIP area with his bodyguards when he saw his chance to chat up Lindsay.”

“After making a bit of eye contact, he went over. But she was having none of it. She just turned on her heels and walked away.”

Another clubgoer added: “when she rejected him he turned beetroot red and left soon after.”

Lindsay is rumoured to be dating Diana Ross’s 18 year old son, Evan after splitting up from Harry Morton in September.