Michael CaineMichael Caine has revealed he thinks David Beckham is far too young to be awarded a knighthood.

David is rumoured to be in the running for a mention in the new year’s honours list for his services to football and charity work, following his OBE in 2002.

Michael told the Sun: “I’ve been Sir Michael for about 5 or 6 years now. [David] seems a bit young to me, I wasn’t a Sir until I was 66!”

“Sean [Connery] was 68 when he got his. Roger [Moore] was 75. How old is David? - About 30? He could at least wait until he was 33 or 34. Get a bit mature.”

He also expressed disdain for David’s wife Victoria’s desire to be “Lady Beckham“, saying: “She just goes along for the ride.”