Edward NortonEdward Norton thinks the ‘goodie bags’ given out to celebrities attending high-profile award shows are appalling.

The gift packs, given to celebrities as a ‘thank you’ for attending or taking part in the award ceremonies, are frequently worth many thousands of dollars - those presenting awards at this year’s Oscars received up to $100,000 worth of freebies including Blackberrys, designer silk kimonos and jewellery.

Edward has revealed he is not alone in thinking they’re excessive: “A lot of us have talked to the Academy Awards producers about this and I think they’re actually going to scuttle the gift baskets and that kind of stuff.”

“I mean the gift baskets, worth amounts of money that a low income family could live on for a year, [are given to] people who have so much already. It gets depressing. You sit there, going, ‘This is an embarrassment.’”

George Clooney auctioned his Oscars’ pack to raise money for Hurricane Katrina victims earlier this year.