Lindsay Lohan reportedly refused to let new love-interest Calum Best leave her hotel in the early hours of Tuesday morning because she was convinced he was going to see another woman.

An inside source at the Sanderson Hotel in London told the Mirror: “Staff thought Lindsay wanted them to get rid of Calum - they couldn’t believe they wanted help to keep him there. She was going crazy, demanding to know why Calum had to leave. She wasn’t listening when he told her he had to work.”

“She was convinced he was going to meet another girl behind her back and was determined to stop him leaving.”

“In the end they managed to calm her down but she went to bed in a real strop, cursing Calum and saying she never wanted to see him again. He jumped into a car and sped off.”

Calum was due in Belfast later that day to switch on the city’s Christmas lights while Lindsay spent the evening at celebrity favourite restaurant Nobu and then at the Boujis club in South Kensington, before leaving London to return to Los Angeles yesterday afternoon.

A source close to Calum told the newspaper: “Calum’s a legendary swordsman, but he can’t keep up with Lindsay - she’s wearing him out. He thinks she’s a nice girl, but he’s glad she’s gone back home to LA.”