Britney Spears at the American Music AwardsBritney Spears was on the edge of tears while presenting an award at the American Music Awards on Tuesday after the host made a joke about Kevin Federline then called Britney “the new bachelorette” while introducing her.

The show’s host Jimmy Kimmel lead a sketch calling Kevin “the world’s first no-hit wonder” then had a dummy made up to look like Kevin Federline being placed in a “soundproof box”, wheeled offstage and onto a lorry, then dumped in the sea.

A backstage source told Life & Style Weekly that after seeing the sketch, “[Britney] said she didn’t want to go out there.”

A second source told People magazine: “Britney was blind-sided and upset. Some [of Spears’s associates] were with her and they were p*ssed [off].”

Britney’s team reportedly asked for the joke to be removed from the West Coast television airing of the award show but the request was refused.

Paris Hilton talking to the police at her homeAfter the show, Britney vented her frustration through partying at new BFF Paris Hilton’s home but it wasn’t to Paris’s neighbours liking: police were called to the property after other residents of the neighbourhood complained about the loud music.

Kimmel said yesterday that he didn’t think either Britney or Kevin would mind the sketch “because I know they both have a great sense of humour”.