Kate Moss is considering adding a make-up and skincare line to her range of side projects after seeing how successful Rimmel has became since she started appearing in ads for the cosmetics company.

A source told the Mirror: “Kate is incredibly canny and she wants to start cashing in on her own brand. Doing her own make-up and skincare is a natural progression for her. Three years ago she would never have done something like this, but she’s looking to the future.”

“She wants to be known for more than the cocaine scandal or having a druggie boyfriend.”

“She’s one of the most beautiful and photographed women in Britain and without doubt when this range is launched it will fly off the shelves.”

“People are buying into the whole Kate Moss phenomenon and if they actually think there’s a chance of looking like her too then they’re going to buy that too.”

Kate is currently working with Topshop to design a fashion range for launch early in the new year.