No wonder Britney Spears has befriended Paris Hilton, the current Queen of the Hollywood socialites - Britney reportedly wants to jump straight back into dating and get in on the whole club scene that she’s missed out on due to, first, her career then her marriage.

A source told More magazine that Britney is determined to enjoy being single and wants to be known as “one hot MILF” (which means, in case you’re not an expert in porn lingo, a “Mum I’d Like to F**k”).

The source added: “She wants to go on dates. Apart from Kevin Federline and Justin Timberlake she hasn’t been out with that many men. She wants to remind Kevin just who he screwed up a marriage with.”

“She missed out on the Los Angeles club scene. She’d love a group of single mates like Lindsay Lohan has to party with.”

Perhaps she should strike Lindsay off the list though if she wants to keep hanging around with Paris…