Billie PiperBillie Piper has become the latest celebrity to speak out against the skinniness of current celebrities and models.

Billie suffered from anorexia during her teenage modelling days and admits that her illness return “for a moment” when she split up from husband Chris Evans in 2004.

She believes that she’s on top of her disorder now though and is adamant that her younger sister, and other young girls, don’t follow her down the same path.

Billie told Glamour magazine recently: “The whole size zero debate is disgusting. Some models you see are tiny because that’s the way they were born. But then they’ll get the attention and that will start feeding a fire.”

“My sister, who is 13, looks amazing but she’s already worried about her figure.”

“She loves [Victoria Beckham] and I say, ‘Come on Ellie, she’s tiny. What’s wrong with Shakira? She’s sexy, curvy’. But she has no interest’.”