Anna Nicole Smith has been ordered by the Los Angeles Superior Court to submit herself and her daughter Dannielynn for DNA testing after ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead made a paternity claim.

Larry entered the request in October this year but Anna Nicole was based in the Bahamas at the time and the court didn’t feel compelled to force her to return to the United States for the tests. However, Anna Nicole travelled to California recently for a meeting regarding her ongoing legal challenge over the estate of her ex-husband Howard Marshall and Judge Robert Schneider ruled that both mother and daughter should be DNA tested.

Larry’s lawyer Debra Opri revealed Larry is delighted with the progress of the case: “This is it. This is big. Larry is ecstatic. He said, ‘This is the best Christmas gift I could ever get.’”

Anna Nicole claims that partner and lawyer Howard K Stern is the father of Dannielynn but Larry, who dated Anna Nicole off and on for two years before she gave birth in September, claims he is the father.

The new ruling orders Anna Nicole to provide saliva swabs from herself and Dannielynn for comparison purposes. If she refuses, she could be charged with contempt and possibly face arrest.