So 2006 is finally drawing to a close.

It’s been a great year for us at Fametastic: we’ve had lots of fun developing (and re-developing) the site and watching it grow - and we’d like to thank each and every one of you for helping our idea come to life!

Heather’s favourite stories
I’ve really loved “life is a soap opera” stories of this year, with all their twists and turns - like the start of Charlie Sheen and Denise Richardsdivorce proceedings - with Denise hooking up with Richie Sambora etc. Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock have been a fun whirlwind too. Anna Nicole Smith’s story has been less fun, given the death of her son, but equally gripping - and I think that one will be with us for a while yet since there is an ongoing paternity battle.

Similarly, the party girls have been fun to watch too - the adventures of Lindsay Lohan (particularly her romance with Harry Morton) and Britney Spears especially. I hope they’re having fun, but not dangerous, career/life-damaging fun.

Lucy’s favourite stories
I was so glad when the photographs of Suri Cruise were finally printed and all the speculation (well, most of it) finally died down. I’m not completely mad about their coupling (if the various stories are to be believed, Tom seems a little controlling for my liking - they don’t seem to be on equal footing in the marriage) but now that they’re married, hopefully things will settle down a bit.

Aside from that, I’ve also been pleased by how many celebrities are using their high profile status to raise awareness of specific causes. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are obvious examples of course but other people are doing it too: George Clooney speaking about Darfur, Scarlett Johansson on the need for better sex education and George again, with Julia Roberts, on green issues. Similarly, I’m glad that so many people are starting to speak out against the unhealthy size zero skinniness trend and it would be nice to see a move away from the skeletal look next year.

Things we’d like to see in 2007

  • It would be really nice to see Jennifer Aniston find someone and settle down happily with them.
  • We’d also like Britney Spears to figure out a game plan for her comeback - if that’s what she’s going to do. We’re not saying she should stop partying but it just seems a bit like an out of control car crash at the moment.
  • We’d like Pete Doherty to get - and stay - clean if that what he wants to do and if that’s what he needs to do to stay with Kate Moss because they’re clearly nuts about each other.
  • We’d like Nicole Richie to keep listening to the positive people in her life.
  • But mostly, we’d like Fametastic to keep going from strength to strength ; )