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Celebrity Gossip: more snippets

  • Angelina Jolie has reportedly given film producers a list of demands to keep partner Brad Pitt happy while she makes her next film. The Jolie-Pitt family are expected to temporarily relocate to the Czech Republic while Angelina films Wanted and have asked to stay in a mansion with helipad - and helicopter lessons for Brad while they’re there. An inside source revealed the requests and added: “These two can have whatever they want — and they and the film company know it.”
  • Hilary Swank has finally admitted she’s dating her long-term agent John Campisi. The couple have rumoured to be together for around six months but until they were snapped together recently, Hilary refused to confirm the identity of the man in her life. Now she’s admitted John is the one and said: “He is an extraordinary man. I am pretty optimistic about us.” Hilary split from husband Chad Lowe last year.
  • Charlotte Church was involved in a minor car accident over the weekend. Charlotte and boyfriend Gavin Henson’s car was at the front of a three-car shunt. An onlooker told the Mirror: “Charlotte stayed sat in their car while Gavin sorted it all out. It must have been so scary for her because she is expecting. Any young mum-to-be would be worried. Gavin looked like he was really concerned about Charlotte.” No one was hurt in the incident but the onlooker added that Gavin “really started yelling” when passers-by started taking photos of the couple.

Heather Mills expecting £25million from Paul McCartney

Heather Mills reportedly believes she’ll receive a £25million financial settlement from Paul McCartney, according to her friends.

A source close to Heather spoke out about the figure after Paul and Heather’s former bodyguard Sean Ghent told the Sunday Mirror he thought between £100million and £200million would be a “fair settlement”.

The source told the Daily Mail that Heather was “furious that people might think she is after this much money”.

“Two hundred million pounds is way off the mark and has never been Heather’s target.”

“The real figure she has in mind is most definitely £25million, no more, no less. Heather is convinced that she and Paul are close to a settlement and agreeing this sum.”

“It is just a matter of time before the paperwork is completed and she walks away a millionaire.”

The couple are expected to finalise the financial aspects of their divorce - and draw up an agreement over custody of their daughter Beatrice - over the next few months.

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Boy George arrested and bailed on assault and imprisonment claim

Boy George has reportedly been arrested and released on bail after a man accused George of assaulting and falsely imprisoning him.

Auden Carlsen has claimed he got chatting to the former Culture Club star online and was invited to George’s east London home in the early hours of Saturday morning to pose for photographs.

Auden claims George initially started taking photos as agreed but then: “George said he was popping out for milk at 5 am. I heard him come back and I walked into his bedroom wearing just my T-shirt.”

“I was jumped on by George and another man. George handcuffed me to a hook by the bed as they held me down.”

“I was convinced I was going to die.”

Auden claims George and the man then produced a box of whips and sex toys and told him “now you’ll get what you deserve” - but Auden managed to pull the hook from the wall and escape to a nearby newsagents, where he alerted the police.

A police spokesperson has confirmed that they are investigating an incident but as standard, refused to identify those involved, just saying that “a man in his forties has been arrested in connection with the allegation. He was taken to an east London police station but has subsequently been bailed to return on a date in July.”

Sugababes’ Amelle Berrabah arrested over nightclub assault

Sugababe Amelle Berrabah has been arrested and held over night after allegedly attacking an unnamed girl at a bar in Surrey

The 18 year old girl told the Sun: “She just went mad and attacked me. I was thrown into a friend and we both hit the ground.”

“Amelle started kicking me but ended up hitting my friend in the head as well. It was terrifying. The blows just rained down and she wouldn’t stop.”

According to other onlookers at Bar Med in Guildford, Amelle and the girl have a long-standing feud but on Saturday night, “Amelle just went crazy. She was screaming at the girl and kept kicking her. There were arms and legs flailing everywhere.”

A further source told the Mirror that Amelle had been defending her sister Laila and that there had been an earlier exchange of words between the two groups: “Amelle and Laila were just having fun and dancing until things turned nasty.”

Amelle was arrested around 1am and held overnight before giving her statement around 7am. She was then bailed to allow her to join bandmates Keisha Buchanan and Heidi Range on a flight to the US.

A police spokesperson confirmed: “a 23-year-old female was arrested following an incident at a Guildford town centre bar. She was questioned and released on bail pending further enquiries.”

Celebrity Gossip: snippets

  • Whale Rider star Keisha Castle-Hughes has given birth to her first child, a baby girl. Felicity-Amore Hull was born on Wednesday at 6.35pm and weighed in at 7lb 6oz at a hospital near the 17 year old actress’s home in New Zealand. Keisha has been dating the baby’s father Bradley Hull for three years.
  • Festival organisers beware - Amy Winehouse has said she believes she, Kelly Osbourne and their friends are truly a force to be reckoned with. Amy said at a recent gig: “You should watch out. We call ourselves Team Evil. We like to go around causing trouble.” She added: “I keep getting asked what my essential festival item is. Vodka, of course. Vodka and a beehive - they should sell them here.”