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Pete Doherty: I still love Kate Moss - and I f**ked it up

Pete Doherty has said he would love to get back together with ex-girlfriend Kate Moss - but she’s not interested.

Kate has reportedly cut off all contact between them since they split up earlier this month - changing phone numbers and hiding out at friend’s houses - so Pete resorted to trying to contact the supermodel through the Daily Mirror newspaper, which she reads.

He told the newspaper: “Kate has broken my heart. There’s been this lockdown and I can’t get hold of her. This is the only way I can get through.”

“I need her to know that she’s out of her f***ing mind. Kate, if you love me then realise I don’t want any other girl. Do I still love her? Don’t ask me that question. Why do you think I’m here today talking to you? I’m here to tell her that I love her.”

“It was love at first meet. When I met her she said she’d get a P tattoo, and I’d get a K. Soon afterwards she said ‘I’m not fickle, I’ll marry you’. I f***ed that up, didn’t I?”
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Celebrity Gossip: more snippets

  • Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie’s “reality” show The Simple Life has been cancelled. The show, which started in 2003, catapulted the stars to the top of the Hollywood socialite - and tabloid - worlds but according to an inside source at the E! network, the prominence of their real lives now was the downfall of the show: “Viewers would see Paris all day long on the news about her going to jail, so they didn’t care about seeing her camping with kids. It just was too played out.”
  • Princess Beatrice, the eldest daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, reportedly caused fellow St Tropez beach-goers embarrassment when she jumped on her boyfriend on the sands yesterday. Beatrice is holidaying in the French resort her mum and little sister Eugenie as well as boyfriend of a year, Dave Clark. An onlooker told the Daily Mail: “Beatrice jumped on her boyfriend. They were all over each other. Nobody knew where to look.” The couple are said to have cavorted for about five minutes, prompting other sunbathers to shout out “get a room!”.

Diddy livid as Kimberly Stewart “steals” his £350,000

DiddySean ‘Diddy‘ Combs was reportedly livid to find his £350,000 car had gone missing - and wasn’t much comforted when he was told Kimberly Stewart had taken it as a joke.

According to the Mirror, the TWOCing took place during one of Diddy’s recent exclusive parties aboard his yacht in St Tropez. Kimberly, who had been drinking energy drinks during the evening, waited until the other party guests were too drunk to notice her grab the keys.

She then drove the Maybach to her hotel - intending to return it straight away - but apparently went to sleep instead.

A source told the newspaper: “Diddy did not see the funny side at first. He had no idea it was a practical joke. He thought it was stolen.

“He had his flunkies on a wild goose chase looking all over the place for his car - it’s his baby.”

Diddy and his minders were stressing out until someone piped up that they had seen Kimberly running off giggling with the keys and a friend in tow.”

Kimberly returned the car the next morning and her spokesperson insists she is still good friend with Diddy.

Today’s celebrity photos from around the web

Britney Spears

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Britney Spears & Kevin Federline’s divorced - but still fighting over custody

Just seven months after they separated, Britney Spears and Kevin Federline are officially divorced - but Kevin may still contest Britney’s custody of their two children.

The couple married in September 2004 and Britney gave birth to their sons Sean and Jayden in the two subsequent Septembers, before filing for divorce last November.

Neither party was present at the Los Angeles County Superior Court yesterday when Judge Scott Gordon signed the decree ending their marriage but Britney’s lawyer Laura Wasser confirmed the news to reporters as she left the courtroom.

Custody arrangements for Sean and Jayden will be finalised next month and the judge granted Wasser request that the custody and child support provision be kept secret for the safety of the two boys until at least the next court date.
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Donatella Versace to design Spice Girls stage costume for tour

Spice GirlsDonatella Versace has reportedly been drafted in to design stage costumes for the Spice Girls‘ reunion tour later this year.

A source told the Mirror: “Donatella was a big fan of the girls back in the day and as soon as she heard that a reunion was on the cards she submitted her ideas. There will be several different ‘looks’ for each of them and the clothes will be worth over £200,000.”

“She wants the girls to retain their band personas but in a much less obvious way than before. Mel C won’t be wearing ill-fitting sportswear - instead she’ll have a really sexy wardrobe. Emma Bunton will wear stunning, elegant dresses with a playful touch.”

“Donatella thinks they look better than many bands half their age and should show that off.”

The 14-show world tour starts in Vancouver on 2nd December.