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FT Blog: Britney’s pink bits - a year on

It was a year ago this week that Britney Spears first displayed her lack of underwear to the world as she got into Paris Hilton’s car after a night out clubbing.

A year ago, that was HUGE news and we, and other gossip sites, were knocked for six as hoards of people came over to investigate what was going on. I remember saying at the time how it would have utterly melted our servers if it had happened a few years earlier - when Britney was at the height of her fame before her career break and kids - but was still surprised at the popularity of it.

Contrast to a year later - there was a Britney upskirt story a few weeks ago and meh. A tiny blip. It’s old news now - I think we even covered it with an “again… yawn” type comment. I think we’ve become jaded after repeatedly seeing her in tiny, bum’n'bits exposing dresses, too small tops/blouses without bras and at times with even less on than that.

It’s been a crazy year from Britney - she started partying with Paris Hilton after splitting from then husband Kevin Federline, then got dumped by Paris, spent just hours in rehab on a couple of occasions before checking out again then shaving her head. Then she went to rehab for a longer stay but it didn’t seem to change her partying and we’ve had nine months of bad hair extensions, bad behaviour rumours and custody disputes. If you’d told me a year ago that Kevin Federline would have custody of their sons, I would have laughed my arse off - now he comes across as the responsible one of the pair.
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Spice Girls fighting, “not up to” performing and poxed on eve of tour

Just two days before the Spice Girls are set to start their reunion tour in Vancouver, tensions are said to be running high in the girl group.

The girl group have been rehearsing together in Los Angeles for the last month and an inside source told the Daily Mail that it’s been hard going: “It’s obvious from what is going on in rehearsals in Los Angeles that there are a lot of problems.”

“They have been doing their dancing and singing routines [but] are having to change things all the time because the girls are frankly not up to it.”

“There are worries about the stamina - apart from Mel B who [after Dancing with the Stars] is phenomenal and seems to never get winded. Victoria, however, is causing a lot of worry because she just is so thin and does not seem to have the energy. She has to stop for water a lot.”

“People are concerned about her. She is not very fit and doesn’t have much energy. Some people wonder if she is going to last the tour.”

“What they have done is rely on choreography to hide their lack of fitness, so they are doing lots of waving arms and have some amazing backing dancers, but they don’t actually run around much themselves. The on-stage energy is coming from other people.”

“The vocals have been changing a lot during rehearsals and it looks as if the tweaking will continue even into the tour. As far as the music goes it is a very unequal relationship which is why it’s proving so complicated to sort out.”

“Mel C is by far the most vocally talented and has got better since leaving the Spice Girls. She is getting very frustrated as she is finding that she has to go over and over stuff and is constantly waiting for everyone else. She is singing the melody mostly with Mel B.”

“Emma is doing well and trying hard but Victoria has a very airy soprano voice which does not fit in. She has one solo at the moment, but will be well covered by the backing singers. Mostly she and Emma are just doing close harmonies.”

The source added that it’s not just professional issues causing problems and there is a lot of in-fighting between the women: “Mel C and Geri are very, very different people and the biggest rows have been between them. Mel C is completely annoyed by what she calls ‘the babies everywhere’, which as you can imagine does not go down well with Geri.”
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Celebrity Gossip: more snippets

Paris Hilton

  • It looks like things are very much back on for Paris Hilton and her Swedish tourist/model boyfriend Alex Vaggo. Paris was said to have dumped him last month because he was too shy but after a date on Monday night, the couple came together again on Wednesday night for a meal at Medeo’s restaurant in Los Angeles - and for Alex to meet Paris’ parents Rick and Kathy Hilton, and her little brother Barron. An onlooker reports: “Alex looked nervous to start with but quickly settled in, and even got hugs from Rick and Kathy when they left.”
  • ER star Goran Visnjic has agreed to pay $1800 a month in child support after an extramarital affair resulted in him becoming the father of a baby girl. Goran initially denied the claims that he’d had a child with fellow Croatian Mirela Rupic but then changed his mind and, according to a report earlier in the year, said he was “ready to accept the consequences of my act”. A Zagreb court has now ordered the child support payment and Goran will be entitled to once-monthly visits with the now eight months old child.

Kevin Federline annoyed by Britney Spears’ shifting visits with sons

Kevin Federline is reportedly getting annoyed with ex-wife Britney Spears‘ constantly changing schedule.

According to TMZ, Britney rescheduled the shoot for her latest music video “Piece of Me” three times before finally shooting it earlier this week - and each change has resulted in a changed to her planned visits with sons Sean and Jayden. When a fourth change was muted, Kevin reportedly refused to shift the boys’ visit again, forcing Britney to film through the night on Tuesday night.

A source explained: “Kevin knows how important it is for the boys to have a routine and even though she only sees them twice a week, Britney still manages to mess it up.”

“He doesn’t want the custody dispute to get any more bitter so he was flexible to start with but now enough is enough. He knows she’s trying to relaunch her career but he has to think of the boys since she clearly isn’t.”

FT Blog: Separated at birth the hairdressers

Katie Holmes and Bai LingIs it just me or does Katie Holmesher new bobbed haircut/wig make her look like Bai Ling?

I think it might be the fringe but also the wide mouth but tight lipped smile. What happened to Katie’s cute tongue pressed through her teeth smile?

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Today’s celebrity photos from around the web

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes' new do:
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