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Lily Allen: I won’t be designing a maternity range

Lily AllenLily Allen has said she thinks it would be irresponsible for her to design a range of maternity clothes because her fans shouldn’t be thinking about getting pregnant.

Speaking as she opened the Harrods’ winter sale on Thursday, she said: “I’ve had a lot of offers from people to do my own maternity range but I don’t think it is the right message to send to young Britain.”

“I’m not the best example. I’m pregnant and a bit young, aren’t I?”

“My demographic is generally young girls, so I don’t think a maternity line is suitable. It isn’t the best impression to give them.”

Lily designed a range of dresses and accessories for New Look last year but is rumoured to have moved on from the high street chain after making influential friends in the haute couture world.

Her recent weight loss also prompted her to move away from her signature big-skirted “chav-chic” look but she knows that soon enough she’ll have to exchange her sleek designer dress for more accommodating ones: “I expect I’ll be in maternity ones next year - big old dresses for big lumps.”

Celebrity Gossip: snippets

  • Amy Winehouse will ring in the New Year in the Caribbean after flying out to Mustique on Friday. A source told the News of the World that Amy decided to get away after her offer to perform a surprise New Year Eve concert for inmates at Pentonville Prison - including her husband Blake Fielder-Civil - was refused. A fellow plane passenger reports: “Amy was dressed in black with no make-up on and her big hair was all over the place. She sipped two cups of tea throughout the entire ten-hour flight and didn’t have a bite to eat. She never touched a drop of alcohol either.”
  • TV presenter Judy Finnigan believes a borderline personality disorder provoked Heather Mills‘ outbursts during interviews in November. Judy told Heat magazine recently: “I think Heather’s a textbook case… it is quite a serious condition, characterised by paranoia, fantasy and delusions. I’ll tell you who else suffered from that - Princess Diana. When Heather compared herself to Diana, I think there was some truth in it, though not in the way she meant. I think she really needs help.”

Will Smith on celebrating his 10th wedding anniversary

Will Smith has revealed he and wife Jada Pinkett Smith aren’t planning a lavish party to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary tomorrow.

The I Am Legend star explained recently: “We’re a very boring couple. We sit around more than we do anything. We’ve said we’ll probably give each other a high-five slap on the butt and go to bed.”

“It’s going to be very [low key]. This is just the first 10 years is how we look at it.”

He added he isn’t even expecting a present from Jada: “She had said, ‘You know, we have us and we have a happy family, and… ‘ she’s set me up, hasn’t she?”

James Blunt: my songs are miserable because I was miserable

James BluntJames Blunt has said he’s not surprised that many of the songs on his second album are “miserable” - because he was freezing cold when he wrote them.

The womanising party animal retreated to his home in Ibiza last winter expecting to catch some winter sun, only to find it was not that much warmer than the UK.

He explained: “You need a bit of quiet so I went to Ibiza for three months in the winter with my piano and guitar.”

“I wrote some miserable songs. It was freezing. Some[one] stole my boiler. I was sitting there in a hat, coat and fingerless gloves. If the songs sound sad, you can understand why.”

Fametastic Review of 2007: Most Surprising Stories of the Year

Number 5: Lindsay Lohan’s DUIs

Lindsay started the year in a rehab programme - at Wonderlands in LA - but as winter turned to spring, it became quite clear she hadn’t changed her partying ways. Still though, it was a bit of a surprise when she was arrested for the DUI over Memorial Day weekend at the end of May - she’d had a few driving run-ins before so it seemed surprising that she’d risk it. She checked straight into rehab again - Promises in Malibu this time - but shortly after finishing treatment in July, she was arrested again after a crazy car chase through Beverly Hills. Seriously, pigeons learn faster than her.

Number 4: Owen Wilson’s attempted suicide

While Lindsay’s DUIs were surprising in a “duh…” way, Owen’s apparent suicide attempt was surprising in a sad and shocking way. There were rumours of drug problems and that he may have been a little too fun-loving for his own good but unlike some other celebrities who seem to be constantly on the edge of a breakdown, he seemed pretty together. It’s upsetting that it had to come to a head like that but hopefully now he’s received - and is still receiving - the help and support he needs to get on top of things again.

Number 3: Anna Nicole Smith’s death

Anna Nicole was one of the constantly on the edge celebrities referred to above - her life had always been a tabloid-friendly rollercoaster but it had gone up a gear or three when her son died and the custody battle over daughter Dannielynn started at the end of 2006. Still, it was shocking to her of her sudden death in February - to outside observers, her life seemed that much of a soap opera that it would be impossible to imagine something happening to her without a full storyline as a build-up. Because of the suddenness, people were quick to point the finger towards murder or suicide but the official verdict was accidental overdose.
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Celebrity Gossip: more snippets

  • Lindsay Lohan has reportedly been having a less than partytastic Christmas in New York and instead has been hanging out with Entourage star Adrian Grenier. A source told the New York Post that the Mean Girls star quickly grew bored of the idea of the family festive season and has been spending time - including Christmas Eve - at Adrian’s Brooklyn apartment: “They’ve been hanging out a lot - Lindsay’s kind of bored.” But the source added that the time they’re spending together is “low-key” and “not necessarily romantic”.
  • Pete Doherty has revealed he’s trying to move away from his infamous “skincare by heroin” look for 2008. After going through court-ordered rehab earlier in the year (and admittedly lapsing again afterwards), Pete’s now said he hopes to leave his spots and blemishes behind: “I now do the skincare thing every day. I have a night cream too, as I hate the dark circles under my eyes.”