Britney Spears and Kevin Federline have agreed to joint legal custody of their two sons, Sean and Jayden - but Britney will still have full physical custody, with Kevin just being able to visit the boys at Britney’s home for three afternoons a week.

Britney initially demanded full physical and legal custody of the boys when she filed for divorce from Kevin in November but Kevin repeatedly insisted he would fight for full custody himself. The couple filed the new agreement at Los Angeles County Superior Court on Friday - but the terms may be amended again after the end of January as the divorce case proceeds.

A source told the Sun that both parties are reasonably happy with the agreement: “Britney seems to be out every night and he was becoming more and more concerned about her and the kids.”

“Since their split it has been hard for him to see the boys, because he has to wait for Britney to allow him a visit.”

“Now under this new agreement, Kevin has the right to visit the children three times a week at her house, whether she is there or not.”

“She’ll still keep his visits under her control, but he’s happy that he at least gets to spend more time with his sons.”