Peaches GeldofPeaches Geldof has revealed her boyfriend Frederick Blood-Royale (formally Fred Les, really Fred McPherson) couldn’t stand her when they first met and that’s what drew her to him.

She told the Daily Telegraph recently: “Some men try to see me for the wrong reasons but he hated me for who I was.”

“He was disgusted by what I was as a person. He was so cynical and that is what I like, boys who are really horrible and angry at the world and really intelligent.”

“He is perfect. He is a teetotal and very stabilising. He doesn’t take any drugs either. The only thing is, he eats very badly - it’s all pizza and takeaways.”

But Peaches doesn’t mind joining him in his calorific excesses: “I don’t worry about my weight. The most unattractive thing about a woman is when you can tell that she is not relaxed in herself. Kate Moss is naturally thin, Nicole Richie isn’t and she is the worst. She needs to sort it out. And Victoria Beckham dresses terribly. She ruins clothes.”