Robbie WilliamsSoccer-mad Robbie Williams is reportedly delighted that David Beckham is moving to Los Angeles and is spending £800,000 on an indoor football pitch so that Beckham can join him for weekly kickarounds with other British ex-pats.

A source told the Mirror: “[Robbie] is beyond excited about David’s move. At a post-Golden Globe parties recently he ran over to [Victoria Beckham] and gave her his number to make sure she had it.

“Football’s more of an obsession than a hobby for him these days. He says it’s one of the few things that de-stresses him.”

Robbie already has a full-size pitch within the ground of his Hollywood Hills estate but the source added: “He’s paranoid about people spying on his games, even though his mansion is as secure as Fort Knox.”

“He thinks if he invites big stars over then helicopters will try and get pictures and that will stop them from coming over.”

“Robbie’s desperate for David to join his team and is convinced a secure indoor pitch that no one can look in on will tip the balance in his favour.”