My first impression of the fashion on show at the BAFTAs last night was one of disappointment but looking at the pictures again now, I’m warming to more of the dresses - particularly Sienna Miller and Eva Green’s outfits.

Sienna Miller and Eva Green
Both gowns look to be strangling their wearers at the front but give way sexily at the back. The colours and details were spot on and they both look glamorous and gorgeous - I just wish Eva would tone down the undead look by about five notches.

Penélope Cruz and Toni Collette
Penelope Cruz’s dress was another one of my favourites of the evening - perfect for an award show because it looked classy but sexy. Ditto Toni Collette, although her boobs could have done without the squishing and I would have gone for a white or silvery rather than cream toned wrap to match in with sparkles on her dress.

Helen Mirren and Kylie Minogue
Like with her Golden Globes dress, I loved the shape of Helen Mirren’s dress for last night. The colour (or lack of it this time) rocked again too and while the fabric seemed a bit casual (and creased), it really worked on her - understated rather than shouting glamour. Kylie Minogue’s dress went the other way - loudly announcing itself in terms of colour and shine and on anyone else it would have flopped but Kylie, being Kylie, pulled it off. Her cropped hair cut really suits her too - I’d be tempted to soften the fringe a bit if it was me, but she’s so cute that she doesn’t need to.

Sarah Harding and Keisha and Forest Whitaker
Speaking of hair, I really like Sarah Harding’s new hair cut with her deep, floppy fringe and her dress was incredibly sexy in an obvious (side-boob) way. After the subtle sexiness of Sienna and Eva, Sarah’s boobarama looked a bit too obvious and the purple colour has come out as looking a bit cheap - like a nylon number from the market.

Forest Whitaker’s wife Keisha on the other hand went for a much better shade of purple and the shape of her bodice is fantastic - you can’t really see it here because she’s squished into her hubby but it looks supportive yet sexy. The skirt though looks a bit peculiar - it looks like it’s an after-thought and has just resulted in too much flat satin.

Thandie Newton and Naomie Harris
Thandie Newton and Naomie Harris both had too much satin/fabric issues too. The shape of the dress shows off lovely curves but the top of her gown completely flattens down her cleavage. And the skirt? Does she have awful cankles or bunions that she’s trying to hide or something?

Naomie Harris’ dress did nothing to promote her lovely figure but as much as I dislike the dress, I like the fact it was teamed with a coordinated belt and handbag. It doesn’t look like it should go with the baby pink but it really does.

Emily Watson and Kate Winslet
Emily Watson seems to be afflicted with too much fabric too - but bunched up at the top rather than the bottom of her gown - she looks terribly uncomfortable.

Kate Winslet looks ill at ease as well - or perhaps it’s just the Croydon Facelift she’s got going on. It’s good to see she’s toned down her lipstick from the Golden Globes but her dress is rather dull - classy but dull. Hopefully she’ll get the make-up/dress combo right at the Oscars…