The Grammys don’t mean much to us over here really but Grammy red carpet fashion? I’m there! : )

Like with the BAFTAs, I got the impression that those stars with Oscars invites are, unsurprisingly, holding back their big guns until then so at the ceremonies before then, we’re really just seeing the also-ran outfits.

Those unlikely to be heading to the big event on the 25th on the other hand showcased some great gowns here. My personal favourites were Christina Ricci, Pink, Mary J Blige and Shakira.

I loved the panelling and the print on Christina Ricci’s gown - and I am so glad she’s not looking half as skeletal as she used to. Her enormous eyes still make her look a little bit kooky but with that make-up and outfit, she looks grown-up kooky - which makes her a pleasant contrast to the normal Hollywood clones.

Speaking of people avoiding the long, blonde hair/permatan look so popular at the moment, Pink went for sexy and glitzy - showing off her back like Sienna Miller and Eva Green at the BAFTAs - and I thought it contrasted brilliantly with her punky cropped hair: it stopped her looking too girly, which wouldn’t really be her.

Mary’s outfit echoed the Grecian themed dresses we saw at the Golden Globes last month - but her addition of a big buckled belt gave it a great twist so it was more “influenced-by” rather than full on toga party. With its floating pleats, Shakira’s dress also gave a nod in that direction. I loved way the top supported and shaped her curves - and what a great colour too!

Natalie Cole’s gown had a similar theme and colour - but it was let down by an ill fit and the fact the dress, particularly the awful giant bow, seemed to be wearing her instead of vice versa. Jennifer Hudson, on the other hand, rocked the colour of her red dress - as a fellow muffin-top owner though, I’d have been tempted to go for something a little less clingy or more structured around my belly.

The other popular colour, or rather tone, of the evening was silvery - Beyonce Knowles (who I was thinking of when I mentioned those “also-ran” outfits earlier) and Natasha Bedingfield went for muted silvery/creams. I liked the structureness of Beyonce’s bodice but the skirt left me cold - well, more than cold. The length and shape of the hemline were just strange. The shape of Natasha’s dress was much better - in the vein of the cocktail dresses worn by Reese Witherspoon and Renee Zellweger at the Golden Globes - but her boobs looked squished and it didn’t work with her hair style (or rather her hair style didn’t work with it - I like the hair, just not for this occasion).

Petra Nemcova and Vanessa Minnillo went for the full-on silver and it didn’t really work on either of them. Vanessa got the better shape though (even if it was a bit like a slip); the cut of the neckline on Petra’s just looked cheap.

Speaking of shiny and cheap looking, I present to you Fergie and Hilary Duff. Fergie’s got great legs but with those heels, the skirt looked too short and Hilary’s shoes seemed an odd, staid choice with that “in the sale at H&M”-style dress (I’m a big fan of H&M but I wouldn’t wear it to an awards show). Hilary’s hair looked peculiar too - I suspect she’s trying a new, grown-up look for her newly single status but this isn’t working for me.

Even some of the male guests got in on the shiny act. Did Heidi Klum really let you out in that jacket, Seal? And Justin’s suit was a nice change from the standard black numbers you always see at these shows but at least black hides the creases.

The Dixie Chicks all got coordinated in black outfits but while they won the Song, Record and Album of the Year awards at the ceremony, they won’t be winning any Outfit of the year awards. I say ‘outfit’ because I’m not sure what’s going out with Martie Maguire - is it a jump suit with a cape? The trouser-part scares me, it really does. Natalie Maines and Emily Robison went for more traditional skirt-based gowns but both were a bit bland - they’re beautiful women and it would have been nicer to see them showing a bit more personality in their fashion choices.

Rihanna, Nelly Furtado and Phoebe Price possibly brought enough personality to go around though. Rihanna’s dress was really brave in terms of shape - and a lovely colour - and she worked it wonderfully. Nelly Furado and Phoebe Price clearly went for the novelty dresses concept and both worked too - fun without being outlandish - but Phoebe’s tight face scares me almost as much as Martie Maguire’s pants.

I also have the fear for Corinne Bailey Rae and Paula Abdul’s boobs. I’m not scared OF them, I’m scared for them, poor little pancaked things that they are.

Christina Aguilera, Carrie Underwood and Leann Rimes went the other way - there was nothing pushing those boobies in any direction. The dresses themselves were all jolly nice but the lack of support made their upper chests look like a mile long, and left them pretty shapeless. I get the impression that Christina and Carrie spent the entire evening hoisting up their constantly slipping hemline.

Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls would probably have been in a similar position even though she had a bit more help from her breasts. I like the theory of her dress but disliked how it pulled together at her belly button and the colour combination - I’d have preferred it more without the soft blue highlights. Brooke Hogan’s dress though was unsaveable - the colour, fabric and fit combined to make it generally look a mess.

And finally, Scarlett Johansson. I’ve saved her for last because I’ve been hoping I’ll warm to her dress the more I look at it but no. It reminds me of a cabaret act I saw at a cheap hotel in Cornwall in the 1980s - the length is odd and there seems to be a hope that the visible cleavage will distract from the general neckline issues. Her hair though looks amazing - a little flat in the colour perhaps but the shape is fab.

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