Anna Nicole Smith’s funeral will be delayed further after her mother appealed over last week’s court ruling regarding where she will be buried - but it looks like the paternity case of Anna Nicole’s daughter Dannielynn is moving forwards.

Anna Nicole’s mother Virgie Arthur entered an appeal on Friday asking Judge Larry Seidlin to reconsider last week’s ruling but he rejected the request early on Monday morning. However, Virgie also filed an appear with the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals which has agreed to hear the challenge later this week.

Judge Seidlin reportedly believes Virgie is just stalling for time, saying that “[she] seeks an indefinite stay and has shown no intent to expedite the proceedings.”

In the paternity case though, Larry Birkhead has been allowed to see Dannielynn for the first time since her birth almost six months ago. Larry met the baby girl he claims is his daughter at the home Anna Nicole and Howard K Stern shared in the Bahamas.

The Birkhead/Stern factions reportedly started negotiating regarding custody of the infant after an incident in the Florida court last week. According to TMZ, Howard’s lawyer Krista Barth removed a styrofoam cup of water from the witness stand when Larry was testifying and there is speculation that it was used to carry out a DNA test.

Sources told the websites that Howard is now considering giving Larry what he needs in order to gain custody of the girl in return for Howard to be given ongoing control of Anna Nicole’s estate and once it is settled, to become a trustee for Dannielynn.