Liev Schreiber has confirmed that he and partner Naomi Watts are expecting a child together.

Rumours about the couple began circulating earlier this month but were denied until fashion house Escada broke the news at the weekend - then Naomi’s bump at Sunday’s Oscars was pretty much undeniable too.

Liev himself though confirmed the news on Late Night With Conan O’Brien on Monday, saying: “I’m going to be a dad. Very exciting!”

He added that Naomi was desperate to show off her bump at the awards ceremony at the weekend: “It’s a strange thing about women. You can take a complete wall-flower, a quiet girl and get them pregnant and then they want to go out all the time! So I gave her grief about going to the Oscars and she said, ‘No, no, it’s a very auspicious thing’ that our ‘embryo’ I guess, was going to be going to the Oscars.”

“I’m trying to stay out of it all. I’m trying not to make any decisions. I find everything I try to do in service of her or the coming baby is wrong. I really don’t even go to my house much anymore.”

He went on to say that while it’s early days in terms of picking a name, he knows the child won’t be named after him: “No, it’s a terrible name. It’s probably the most mis-pronounced name in all of show business. It’s bad enough that I have gone through that for 15 years.”

“There won’t be any Liev juniors. It’s not like George, you can call five kids George. You can’t really call anyone Liev, you shouldn’t call one child that, I don’ t think!”