Paul McCartneyPaul McCartney reportedly believes his divorce case is going his way after a judge in the High Court in London shot down many of Heather Mills‘ claims that Paul abused her and used alcohol and drugs to excess during their marriage.

The estranged couple, with their legal teams, attended the two days of closed-doors hearings in front of Mr Justice Bennett this week. According to the Sunday Mirror, Heather expected the hearings to be straightforward but was shocked when the judge ruled that many of her claims were inadmissable.

A legal insider told the newspaper: “Heather thought everything would be very simple. She was gobsmacked by how Paul countered all her points. Paul had not only addressed the things she has put in her petition. He had also prepared a dossier which he believes proves the lies she has told over the years.”

“His team went through interviews she has done over the years. They also went through everything she has written - from books to articles to website postings - looking for the most minuscule inconsistency. They went into all the lurid detail about her posing for a German sex manual - after saying she was only ever a model. And they looked at her denials that she was ever a prostitute. It wasn’t pleasant for either of them.”

“As the hearing went on Heather became more and more upset. She even shouted out as she began to realise her case was crumbling away. When she left the court she broke down in tears and had to be consoled. She had an angry rant about the way the case was unfolding.”

“He wants to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that she is a liar. The more Paul can discredit her, even over the smallest lie, the stronger his case becomes.”

A source close to Paul claims he told friends: “The judge is a good guy. He’s on our side. We’ve won every point to date.”

“The judge has got the measure of her. She started shouting and ranting at one point.”

The hearings were not supposed to result in a full settlement of the divorce but to merely address the interim issues such as maintenance money and security but a source close to Heather has said that her legal team are now advising her to settle the case as quickly as possible: “Right from the start Heather’s side wanted to keep it going. They told her she would get more money if it took two years than if sorted in six months.”

“Now they believe it is time to move things on and wrap the whole thing up.