Tara Palmer-Tomkinson thinks it’s “fabulous” that friend (and sometimes lover) Robbie Williams has checked himself into rehab.

Robbie checked himself into the Meadows Clinic in Arizona last month after becoming addicted to prescription drugs. Robbie previously spent in rehab for alcohol and drug abuse in 1996 while Tara received treatment at the Meadows in 1999.

She told the Sunday Mirror recently: “I know he’ll be fine there. He’ll love the Meadows. I did. It is difficult but it’s fun. It is full of love, hope and support. Robbie will have a lot of laughs there and a lot of tears.”

“I’m Robbie’s biggest fan. He’s a great friend and one of the most adorable men I’ve ever met. It’s fabulous what he’s done. He’s realised there’s something wrong and he’s doing something about it. Sometimes you just need a check.”

“And if in five years, he finds he needs another check, then that’s fine too. People are very harsh to judge someone who’s gone back into rehab again. So what? You just check yourself back in and do it again.”

“It’s when you say f*** off to everyone and don’t think you need any help - that’s when you should be worried. I keep finding myself thinking, ‘I know what Robbie will be doing now’. He’ll be getting up at 5am, meeting people much less fortunate than him.”

“But he should be OK, because there’s a lot of love and a lot of spiritual help available too. And then you’ve got all those doctors and nurses on hand to get you through your horrible time.”