Robbie WilliamsRobbie Williams celebrated checking out of rehab with a day of shopping and partying in Los Angeles.

Robbie spent three weeks in the Cottonwood de Tuscon clinic in Arizona receiving treatment for his addiction to prescription drugs before checking out earlier this week.

He was spotted shopping at Beverly Hills department store Barneys yesterday then hit Winston’s nightclub in West Hollywood with friends in the evening. Onlookers noted that he seemed in good spirits and was happy to pose for photographers before heading home around 1.15am.

One fellow clubgoers told the Sun: “Robbie was dancing for two hours straight. All the girls were staring at him and his moves and he loved being the centre of attention - even though there were other A-listers there.”

Another added to the Daily Mail: “He seemed on good form. He looked incredibly smart as he left the club with a group of his friends and I think he really enjoyed himself. It is good to see him looking so fresh faced.”

Robbie is thought to be planning to check into a five week rehab programme at a Los Angeles facility to complete his treatment, with his sister Sally saying he left Cottonwood because he was “uncomfortable”.

Sally said: “He felt uncomfortable staying in there - there was an issue between staff and a patient that he wasn’t happy with.”

“There is a process they go through and he hasn’t completed all of the steps yet, so he is going to finish the work elsewhere. I think he is a lot better than he was, but obviously he has not completed his course so he needs to continue.”

“He knows you have to work at making things better for yourself and the people around you.”

But she doesn’t think he’ll be leaping back into the pop world any time soon: “He needs to get to a place where he feels happy with his own life before he can even start thinking about coming back.”