Leonardo DiCaprioLeonardo DiCaprio has revealed that he daydreamed about eating pastries while undergoing a gruelling training routine to get into shape for filming Blood Diamond.

Leonardo was based in Mozambique for five months and lost a stone in weight while getting into shape for the film. He said recently: “The daily routine was daydreaming about being in Paris eating pain au chocolat. It took me away from the impact of being in Africa and preparing for my role.”

“Being away from home for five months took its toll. I did a lot of fitness and military training with ex-mercenaries, which got me extremely fit. There was no messing around. They’re a pretty hardcore bunch of alpha males. My body changed a lot.”

He added that the experience of living in Mozambique for that time highlighted the excess and self-obsession of the typical Hollywood celebrity lifestyle: “I feel more level-headed these days. I loathe being around people who are self-consumed. I find it so boring.”