Paul McCartneyAn obsessive Beatles fan reportedly drove through the security barrier at Paul McCartney’s Sussex estate on Friday, shouting “I must get to him”.

Security staff at the Peasmarsh property quickly scrambled to intercept the man and activated an emergency security gate to block his way, causing the man to drive around the fields and gardens of the 160-acre estate.

An inside source told the News of the World: “It was terrifying. This guy put the fear of God into everyone because they thought he wanted to kill Paul.”

“This was the most frightening incident they’ve ever had at Peasmarsh. Everyone was terrified that the guy could turn nasty. No one knew if he was armed or whether he wanted to attack someone. They were worried that this madman could come face to face with Paul.”

“He drove down the drive past security at speed and was shouting out a lot of things. But he made it clear that he wanted to get up to the house and to Paul.”

“Luckily the guards managed to close the last security gate before he got up to the main house. He just shouted at them about wanting to get in. Then he tried to drive around that over the fields. But the cops turned up and that forced him to flee.”

The man was later arrested at his home address on suspicion of criminal damage and failing to stop when challenged by the police. A spokesperson for Sussex police confirmed yesterday that the man is now being detained under the Mental Health Act and the charges dropped.

Paul was not at home at the time of the incident but had been expected to arrive back at the property around that time.