Victoria BeckhamJennifer Lopez has reportedly volunteered her services to help Victoria Beckham to design her new “dVb denims” range to make sure the line includes items to fit those with more curves than Victoria herself.

An inside source told the Mirror: “Jennifer’s as fashion-obsessed as Posh and they’ve had several girlie chats about Victoria’s new range.”

“Jen thinks Posh is incredibly stylish and has asked for some tips, but they’ve got different body shapes and she was concerned that things that look amazing on Posh wouldn’t suit her at all.”

“When they met up over Oscars weekend, she said to Victoria: ‘Your new jeans sound fantastic but will they look good on someone with more hunk in their trunk?’ It was then that she offered to try out the clothes to see how well they fitted.”

“Jennifer’s wearing the jeans every day, making notes and asking her husband Marc Anthony for his opinion of how they look.”

“She’s calling Posh daily to tell her what she thinks. She loves the quality and is chuffed that Victoria takes her input so seriously.”

The source added that Jennifer is also helping road-test Victoria’s new range of sunglasses: “Every A-list name in Hollywood wears the same labels and Jen’s bored with looking the same as everyone else.”

“She borrowed a pair of sunglasses a few months ago and got so many compliments she asked to buy every pair in the range.

“Of course money’s no object, but there’s no way Posh would make her pay - especially as she’s giving her guinea pig services free.”