Kate Moss and Pete DohertyThe recent bizarre home-video featuring Kate Moss and Pete Doherty is reportedly just a tiny piece of the footage they’ve filmed with the hope of turning it into a documentary.

A source told the Sun that the pair have filmed hours and hours of material at home, at gigs and on the Babyshambles tour bus: “They think it’s cool and romantic, like something John Lennon and Yoko Ono would have done. But in reality it’s all rather embarrassing and far more Jordan and Peter Andre.”

“The footage shows [Kate] and Pete squabbling and in some right states. We’re used to seeing Pete making a fool of himself for the camera. He’s always tried to give fans an insight into his personality by giving them access to things like this. That’s his thing.”

“But Kate used to be very precious about her image and not giving too much away. That’s all gone out the window lately. Some of this stuff doesn’t paint her in a great light.”

“Pete used to keep his diaries in his written journals but videos is his new project. He sold his journals when he was short of a bob or two - and who’s to say he won’t do the same with all this footage?”

“I wonder how romantic Kate will think all this is if they split.”