Katie Price and Peter AndreKatie Price and Peter Andre have decided to buy a £3million home in California to provide a base for their family while they try to break into the US celebrity world.

Katie told the News of the World that they’re currently looking for homes in Beverly Hills for themselves and their two sons, Harvey and Junior: “The kids need their routine and stability. Spending long periods of time in LA will only be possible when we have a base. We’ll find a nursery for the children so they can have friends to play with while we’re out there. I can’t stand staying in hotels.”

“I want to be able to teach Junior to swim. Harvey can already swim. He was going twice a week before his accident on New Year’s Eve. Junior has lessons every Saturday.”

“I also want a house with a gym because I’m really into working out again. I’ve been going four or five times a week and I’m watching what I eat. If I keep going like this, I’ll be in really good shape for the summer.”

Katie is expecting her third child in June but doesn’t see her pregnancy has hindering her plans to get into shape: “I’ll spring back into shape. I won’t need a tummy tuck, my tummy just flattens back out.”

“I have put on much more weight this time round, though.”